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Monday, September 03, 2012

The American Taliban

A fictionalized "re-telling" of factual news stories. Aaron Sorkin has created another fantasy alternate reality TV show in which a mainstream television news anchor grows a backbone. The Brothers Grimm could not write something more of a fairy tale. That said, if you have any memory of the last 12 years or so the speech Jeff Daniels delivers contains verifiably true facts. I have seen plenty of evidence to support his character describing himself as a Republican, and not just some fantasy Republican from Sorkin's imagination. I recall reading some of the most eloquent denunciations of Bush's wars, on countries as well as on civil rights, written by self-described Republicans, both news people in the editorial pages and ordinary citizens in the letters to the editor. Kind, sane and intelligent Republicans still exist - it's just that none of them joined "the Tea Party." Here's the clip from YouTube: 
The fantasy here is the character of Will McAvoy (and his spine). All the statements of fact in this clip are verifiably true.

And for what it's worth, I second the matter of opinion as well: The Tea Party is the American Taliban.

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