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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus

Recently, a mentally ill man named Dennis Markuze posted a comment to this blog. It made no sense. I recognized the poster's name "David Mabus" as an alias of a well known internet spammer : Dennis Markuze. I deleted that first message. Then he posted the exact same comment to the same post, this time under the Google account "DM." Deleted it again. Then came the exact same post as "anonymous." Normally, I would be thrilled to receive hate mail, but this does not make me feel special. Dennis Markuze hates everyone. No, it's not my or AR's insightful, biting commentary on the state of the world that has angered some blow hard. It's a man likely afflicted with schizophrenia backtracking every comment on the Pharyngula blog looking for more blogs to spam. Oh well.

Matthew Miller has posted the best response to the ravings of Dennis Markuze, this obviously mentally ill person who spams blogs. I feel no enmity toward him. He badly needs help.

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus - former computer salesman - Montreal, Canada.

please seek advice.

1-800-THERAPIST network

Montreal Psychology Office
Obtain help for depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, relationship issues, and more...

If you are more comfortable in a French speaking environment
Luc Blain, psychologue clinicien
La vie est une succession d'événements qui amènent l'individu à les subir, à les nier, ou encore à les transformer pour les rendre digestes psychiquement. Dans le processus de transformation, la personne retrouve une plus grande liberté intérieure dans différentes dimensions de sa vie: capacité d'avoir du plaisir, d'aimer et d'être aimé, de s'épanouir dans un travail ou des activités.

Picked up off the net, but you may need reminding.

If anyone who reads this lives in Montreal and you see this man, please exercise caution, do not engage. No one knows whether or not he could prove truly dangerous in person.

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus

Update: I asked in the comments on the next post for Dennis to comment in this thread instead. No luck. Anyone who is interested to read the spam of a mentally ill Canadian can take a look at "The end that's rising as the other end goes down."