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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Paul Ryan asks for Obamacare funding.

(Updated below).

Take a look at Paul Ryan's letter requesting funds from the evil "socialist" program he would repeal the first chance he gets.

My favorite part comes from the Romney campaign's attempt to cry foul.

Brendan Buck, a spokesperson for the Mitt Romney campaign, responded to this story by claiming that this "grant program was created by President Bush, not Obamacare. This... type of misinformation is what you get from gotcha reporting on liberal blogs." Ryan's letter directly requests money from the HRSA-11-017 New Access Points program announced in August of 2010. This New Access Points grant program that Ryan requested money from is funded fully by the Affordable Care Act, a fact made clear on multiple government websites. The claim that Bush "created" this program is also unfounded. Federally-funded health centers were created through the Public Health Services Act, legislation signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1944.  New Access Point grants have existed well before the Bush administration came to office.
(From The Nation, Paul Ryan quietly requested Obamacare cash)

Something like this has never been easier to fact check.

New Access Points Program and its funding sources (one of the multiple government web sites)

Public Health Services Act of 1944 (from the National Library of Medicine):

But then the Romney campaign has famously declared “We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.” Yes, we can see that, thank you.

We have not just a Presidential campaign but also a constituency of millions running of the fumes of a delusional alternate reality.

On December 12, 2012, AR added:

Paul Ryan is proving how he is like Ayn Rand.  It was pointed out to Ms. Rand in an interview that she was collecting government benefits near the end of her life.  Her unprincipled, but pragmatic response was something along the lines of how she'd be a fool not to take what was being offered.  This is the same kind of pragmatism that I heard Republicans use to justify taking advantage of the so called "cash for clunkers" program that president Obama had passed.  They may have voted against him and find his policies to be creeping socialism, but they sure won't pass up a chance at some free government "hand outs".  So Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand and the Republicans who took from "cash for clunkers" show their true colors.  They are pragmatists, rather than being principled Libertarians.  I have no problem with pragmatism, as I am proud to consider myself one.  I also actually believe in social programs and am happy to pay taxes for those programs.  I get angry when those programs are incompetently administered, but I don't believe in doing away with them.  I just think that they should get fixed with competent policies and/or have competent new people run them.  

I get annoyed with supposedly principled people who act the way Ryan, Rand and "cash for clunkers" Republicans have.  It's the hypocrisy that drives me crazy.  There is, in the case of the first two, a kind of intellectual edifice that rationalizes the often cruel results of the policies that come out of their philosophy.  Yet, that edifice is put aside for government money. To put  it another way, when financial reality and opportunity encounter this philosophy it causes it to disappear just long enough for the check to clear. That is less a philosophy and more like a racket.  Its a racket that one sees in many organized religions, as well as in cult like philosophies like Libertarianism, as its currently being proselytized and practiced in the US.  So Ryan, Rand and my "cash for clunkers" Republicans are actually those who Mitt Romney has called takers.  They are part of that 47% that just take from the government.  The funny thing is that if their policies were actually put in place they wouldn't be able to take anymore.  Then what?  Ryan's constituents in Racine and Belle City wouldn't get preventative and comprehensive care.  Rand might have been unable feed herself or in some other way improve her life without the benefits.  My "cash for clunkers" Republicans would still be driving around with air polluting, foreign oil consuming, road safety jeopardizing clunkers. That's what.

On December 12, 2012 Steven adds: 

This showcases the fundamental dishonesty of the overwhelming majority of "Libertarians." (I say majority just in case someday, somewhere we might find a truly honest one). Nevermind what they say - look at what they do

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