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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

White house tours

(Posted by Steven on behalf of AR)
Just a concise video about what gets cut in this sequester and who cares.  I have rarely seen a better job of putting this into context.

Ezra Klein filling in for Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(Steven, this time) I have noticed for the last couple of years when I attempt to engage right-wing commenters online that any mention of waste in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan they greet with joy and excitement. They are overjoyed because, they argue, "We have no money left! Can't afford any more! Ha ha ha ha." They are liars. They do not care about waste as much as they would like us to think they do. They care about hammering people who they think deserve hammering. Even at a time when over 7 percent unemployment comes as good news these people remain convinced that poor people do not want jobs.

In a recent piece that appeared on Alternet, writer and journalist Tracy Moore explains:

 If you've lived in poverty you've met a lot of poor people, and they have all the same wonderful and abhorrent human qualities as any other label you want to slap on a demographic. What they lack are the resources and opportunities — and are usually from generations of people who lacked the resources, stuck in a cycle — to lift themselves out of poverty. They lack good models of what to mimic. They have to do three times the work to get to college, a notion that is automatic and inevitable for most people with means. They are exhausted. They are possibly depressed. They are not lazy or dumb or dishonest, except when they are just as lazy and dumb and dishonest as any other lazy, dumb, dishonest person you know — that, my friend, has got nothing to do with money.
Where would the Koch brothers be without having inherited their father's fortune? Somebody want to tell me why Paris Hilton "deserved" to inherit her fortunes? Heiress : nice work if you can get it.

Why don't we have the word "over-priviliged" in our language?

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