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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reverse the colors, see what happens

Those following the Trayvon Martin murder may be interested to know that an inversion of this "stand your ground" case has already happened. A black man defended himself from an armed attack by a white man, on the black man's property. After a warning shot he killed his armed assailant. There was even a witness. The dead white guy even had a record of terrorizing people. What do you think happened as a result?

If you guessed that the black man is serving a life sentence - you would be correct.

When "stand your ground" fails (appearing in April 11, 2012) presents the basic facts of the case of John McNeil shooting Brian Epp which demonstrates that the application of these laws has a color bar. Now we have an additional element of verification (as if we needed one) that "stand your ground" laws, although not overtly racist in their inception, have proven blatantly racist in their implementation.

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