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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A new Tasmanian Devil?

Or, where paving paradise would be the good news

Remember the Tasmanian Devil from the Buggs Bunny cartoons? Remember how he spun around faster than the eye could see and left a path of destruction behind him? Now we have a corporate version. See Bob Harris' lengthy piece If a Tree Falls in a Forest ... to learn about the destruction of Tasmania. The Corporation, Gunns, is the largest logger of Tasmanian old growth forests. It has initiated a multi-million dollar SLAPP suit (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) to punish protesters, including doctors who give health advisories on the poisons that the workers use to kill off the wildlife. This is the first instance of a SLAPP suit in Australia. An examination of the search results on Lexis Nexis Academic Universe reveals that mostly foreign commercial news sources have covered this story.

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